Come to the Dark Side: Ten (Moody) Must-See Films for Teenagers

Ever since Meghan Cox Gurdon accused young adult literature of being “too dark” in a Wall Street Journal editorial last June, authors, readers, and other people whose coming of age did not take place inside of a magical bubble of rainbows and unicorns, fired back, citing the innumerable reasons why teens enjoy dark fiction andContinue reading “Come to the Dark Side: Ten (Moody) Must-See Films for Teenagers”

Books that changed my life (the early years)

I brought it on myself.  I see that now.  I was thirteen-years-old, wasting a perfectly good summer’s day lazing about on the chaise lounge by our pool, sighing dramatically about how bored I was, which inevitably prompted my parents (after failed attempt to get me to do yard-work) to shove a well-worn copy of “TheContinue reading “Books that changed my life (the early years)”