Not the first writer in the family

I took this photo at Ellis Island this past Monday.  It was just one of many posters about the Yiddish theater scene on New York’s Lower East Side during the early 1900’s, and if I didn’t have a whiny 7-year-old boy tugging on my hand, I might have stayed there all day. “Yonkle the CowboyContinue reading “Not the first writer in the family”

The Hook-Up Whisperer

Don’t get me wrong—I LOVE being a writer and feel immense gratitude every day that my dream job is also my reality.  But, if I could do anything else in the world (no matter how wildly unrealistic) I would like to help teenagers find love. They’d call me The Hook-Up Whisperer.  Or maybe Yenta toContinue reading “The Hook-Up Whisperer”