Hollywood Trend Alert! Is Quiet the New Noisy?

Noisy is the new buzzword in television, and as several TV execs told me recently, the noisier the series, the better. In the old days, a few unsolved murders and a little sexual tension was enough to titillate the masses. But in today’s world of 10 billion channels, it’s no longer just about a cool,Continue reading “Hollywood Trend Alert! Is Quiet the New Noisy?”

Battle of the Boy Bands (with prizes!)

Are you a die-hard 1D fan?  Or is The Wanted the one that you want? Maybe you’re kicking’ it old-school, locked in a decades-long feud with your BFF over the various merits of the Backstreet Boys versus NKOTB. Either way, it’s time to let your opinion be heard!  And if you’re lucky, you may even walk awayContinue reading “Battle of the Boy Bands (with prizes!)”

Can’t a 40-Something Woman Read “Seventeen Magazine” in Peace?

My husband frequently tools on me for reading SEVENTEEN and TEEN VOGUE, even though he knows I do it for work.  As a young adult novelist and screenwriter who writes a lot of teen movies, it’s important to stay up to date with the teen culture and lingo.  Which, as I often remind my husband,Continue reading “Can’t a 40-Something Woman Read “Seventeen Magazine” in Peace?”

Shave It for Later

I was only twelve years old when I begged my mother to let me start shaving my legs.  She said I was too young, I whined and pleaded, and ultimately, she sat me on a folding chair in the backyard and slathered my legs with Nair. Part rite-of-passage, part torture session, my introduction to theContinue reading “Shave It for Later”

Cheez-Its, Democracy, and Me

My husband is a Cheez-Its fan, and since he brings his lunch to work every day, we often have a box in the house.  Which is how I became aware of the Cheez-Its “Vote for the Top Cheese” campaign currently on the back of the box, where snackers are urged to log on to FacebookContinue reading “Cheez-Its, Democracy, and Me”

The Coolest Teddy Bear in the Universe

Inside the caustic exterior, I’m a pretty sentimental person. Show me a video of an animal befriending and/or helping an animal of another species and I’ll weep like a newly crowned Miss America.  I’ve been known to tear up when the national anthem is played at youth sporting events, and I feel like my heartContinue reading “The Coolest Teddy Bear in the Universe”

We are the Champions

In a few hours I’ll be heading off to a Junior Lego League event with my son.  And even though the email assured me this event is NOT a competition, it also mentioned that there WILL be prizes.  Because, as any modern parent knows, our kids are all winners, all the time. I’m not trying toContinue reading “We are the Champions”

You Have the Right to Remain Sexy

Since the time we became friends in high school, and all through our twenties, my friend Jane* and I had a running joke about stripper cops.  It’s hard to say exactly what we found so hilarious about the concept, but the subject often wriggled its way into our conversations with  a glib (and deeply ironic)Continue reading “You Have the Right to Remain Sexy”