Nothing Compares 2 U

Today’s theme for the TeamTEENAuthor group post is Break-Ups.  But since it’s been a loooong time since I’ve had one of those (1997, to be exact) I’ve decided to write about friendship break-ups, which is a huge part of my book, REUNITED. Though if you’ve recently had your heart broken, go put on a pairContinue reading “Nothing Compares 2 U”

What makes a great book club

Last week, I had the honor of doing my first book club visit as a published author, thanks to my friend Connie, one of my biggest cheerleaders. Though not technically young adults, Connie’s book club branched out from their typical reading fare in order to include my YA novel, REUNITED.  The afternoon started with aContinue reading “What makes a great book club”

Win Tons of Books & Stuff at TeamTEEN Author’s Dare Day Challenge

Guess what, teamTEEN author fans?  It’s Dare Day again!  I know I said that last week, but apparently I jumped the gun a bit.  Whoops.  But the good news is, this week, you can enter to win books & stuff! To check out all of the fabulous PRIZES, just go to the TeamTEEN Author Dare Day Contest,Continue reading “Win Tons of Books & Stuff at TeamTEEN Author’s Dare Day Challenge”

Dare Day: In Which I Reveal My Biggest Celebrity Crush

Guess what, teamTEEN author fans?  it’s Dare Day again!  Oh yes, I already completed my qualifying dare last March (see below). But I’ve never been one to turn down a chance to humiliate myself on the interwebs.  And so, I present to you, my biggest celebrity crush. My Celebrity Crush Likes Richard Nixon! I guess I’m aContinue reading “Dare Day: In Which I Reveal My Biggest Celebrity Crush”

Giveaway Tuesday: Best Friends 4-Eva!

In just three weeks from today, REUNITED hits the shelves!  So, in celebration of the final countdown, I’m hosting a giveaway a week.  And each week, the prizes get bigger & better! The winner of last week’s contest, and the proud owner of a REUNITED T-shirt, signed bookmarks, & a Road Trip Mix CD is… (drumrollContinue reading “Giveaway Tuesday: Best Friends 4-Eva!”

Truth or Dare Challenge

Oh, Truth or Dare, why can’t I resist you?  From that very first game at summer camp, I was hooked.  I can still remember the go-to dare I inflicted upon countless girls during our sixth and seventh grade sleepovers:  pull down your pajama bottoms and run past So-and-So’s parents in the kitchen. Good times. AndContinue reading “Truth or Dare Challenge”

True Teen Stories: Three’s a Crowd

Welcome to Volume 3 of “True Teen Stories,” a blog series which features non-fiction essays from teen writers.  I am incredibly impressed and proud of the writer of this next story, 14-year-old Angel R. of the U.K., author of “Three’s a Crowd.”   It’s not easy to open yourself up to the world, and I think Angel’sContinue reading “True Teen Stories: Three’s a Crowd”

True Teen Stories: Glass Houses and Shattered Bonds

Welcome to the second installment of my blog series “True Teen Stories” featuring non-fiction essays from teen writers.  For the record, I’d just like to say how impressed I am by the work I’ve received thus far.  One of the greatest challenges for new writers is the ability to write honestly.  That doesn’t mean everyContinue reading “True Teen Stories: Glass Houses and Shattered Bonds”

The Experience Room

The other day my friend Sue and I had the luxury of spending the afternoon at a swanky day spa, where, in addition to our individual pampering sessions (a massage for Sue, a pedicure for me) I signed us up for something called The Bali Experience—a body treatment for groups of two or more toContinue reading “The Experience Room”

True Teen Stories: What happened to friends till the end?

Today, I am very excited to kick off a semi-regular event on my blog called “True Teen Stories,” featuring guest posts from aspiring young writers. To start, I’ve asked teens to write non-fiction essays about their experiences with friendship break-ups, road trips, loving a rock band, and dealing with ex-best friends—all topics I explore inContinue reading “True Teen Stories: What happened to friends till the end?”