Hello, I am Extra Credit

As a kid, I lived for extra credit.  If making a pinhole camera out of a shoebox, or fashioning a shrunken apple head version of George Washington Carver could boost my A to an A+, I was all over it.   Teachers pets of the world unite!  (Sorry, I get overexcited just thinking about pinhole cameras.)  So, it seems only  fitting that 30-odd years later, I actually had the opportunity to be a Human Extra Credit Project — a real live writer, brought in to to talk to my  friend Bridget’s eighth grade English class.  A hearty thank you, to Mrs. Hopgood for having me, and to Bridget, for making my geeky world complete.  And happy 13th birthday!!!

Bridget, the 13-year-old, introducing me.
My visit to South Meadow School. At 7:25 a.m. this morning. Gulp.


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