Road Trip Prize Pack Winner Announced on REUNITED’s One-Week Birthday

Thank you all so much for spreading the REUNITED book trailer into every nook and cranny of the social network.    It’s been a thrilling and emotional week as I’ve watched REUNITED make its way into the world (without me!) and I am so grateful for the support of my friends, family, and fans who’ve been with me throughout this process, shared kind words about the book, purchased copies, and helped me pull off a totally kick-ass launch party.

Cruisin’ in the Pea Pod with 13-year-old Helen!

Now, it’s my chance to give some of that love back to YOU.  I’ve been so moved by all of the sweet emails, helpful re-Tweets, and photos people have sent of REUNITED at bookstores all over the country that I’ve decided to give away a bonus copy of the book!

REUNITED, in good company.

The bonus winner, who will receive a signed copy of REUNITED, is Sarah C.   Enjoy!

And now, without further ado, the winner of the REUNITED Road Trip Prize Pack is… Christy P.

Thanks again to all who entered.  May your summers be filled with wonderful adventures and great books!

Behold the glory of the Prize Pack!

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