It’s hard to believe release day is finally here.  I feel excited, relieved, and filled with gratitude to everyone who’s supported me during these past few years–my incredibly patient and loving family, my amazing friends, my editor Alexandra Cooper, and the rest of my team at Simon & Schuster, my agent Steve Malk, my manager Seth Jaret, my fellow authors in the Apocalypsies, and the fantastic community of book bloggers and readers I’ve come to know over the inter-webs.

In celebration of this momentous day, I’ve decided to extend my Spread This Book Trailer Everywhere Contest for another week.  So if you haven’t entered yet, this is your big chance.

Now, it’s time to let go of the book I’ve held so closely and allow it to make its own way in the world.  Best of luck, REUNITED!  And don’t forget to write. 😉

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TV writer, screenwriter, author

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