Girls Night Out… at the Library!

I just got home from an evening at the Francestown Library with the coolest and most adorable group of teenage girls ever.  And I’m not just saying that because they live in my town. 😉 These lovely young ladies came out to help me kick off the month of June with a “Girls Night Out” in celebration of REUNITED‘s release date being a mere 10 days away!   We all made collages (like the girls in REUNITED) which centered on friendship (a theme in REUNITED), I read an excerpt from the book and talked about the process of writing it, we ate a bunch of junk food, and I raffled away some major swag.  Special thanks to Mary Farrell, our Children’s Librarian who organized the event, Meaghan Farrell, her daughter/the party’s social director, and Carol Brock, our Head Librarian, for supporting our shenanigans.

And don’t forget to check out their fabulous collages below.  These gals can work a glue stick.

Just like you can’t look directly at the sun without going blind, the camera found it impossible to focus on this much awesomeness.

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2 thoughts on “Girls Night Out… at the Library!

  1. Awesome!! Just love how you so creatively and with joy connect the dots between you, your book and the community!!

  2. Wow — major flashbacks! I can’t tell you how many of those collages I made back in the day. Great idea for an event and congrats on the ten day countdown!

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