Giveaway Tuesday: Best Friends 4-Eva!

In just three weeks from today, REUNITED hits the shelves!  So, in celebration of the final countdown, I’m hosting a giveaway a week.  And each week, the prizes get bigger & better!

The winner of last week’s contest, and the proud owner of a REUNITED T-shirt, signed bookmarks, & a Road Trip Mix CD is… (drumroll please) aLmYbNeNr, whose favorite band to listen to on a road trip is Puddle of Mudd.  The Runner Ups, who’ll receive signed REUNITED bookmarks and a Road Trip Mix CD, are Jasmine R.(A Room with Books) and Christina (A Reader of Fictions).  Congratulations, ladies!  I’ll email you for your addresses & prizes will be mailed soon.

Now, on to the theme of this week’s Giveaway Tuesday:  friendship.

To enter, all you need to do is share your best friend’s first name in the comments section of this post, and one winner will receive not one, but two pre-release hardcover copies of REUNITED – one for you, and one for your BFF.  You may share more than one friend’s name, but if you win, know that all 78 of you will have to share the two books amongst yourselves. 😉  Contest open to U.S. residents only.  Good luck!

Double your pleasure! Win one book for yourself, and one for a friend.

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30 thoughts on “Giveaway Tuesday: Best Friends 4-Eva!

  1. Hey Jasmine. I emailed you on Tues. to let you know you’d won & to get your address but I never heard back. Maybe my email went to spam? Anyway, drop me a line at hilarywgraham [at] to get your prizes. Thanks!

  2. Hey, that’s my name up there! Sweetness 😀
    These days my best friend is Husband (his name is Jacob). I’ve basically been a hermit for the past three years and I’m now discovering that’s no way to make friends. I’m working on changing that, though 😛

  3. Shannon is the best BFF anyone could ask for and we both want to read this book!

    ::fingers crossed::

  4. My best book friend is Franzi! She was my 15 year old German exchange student I had the pleasure of hosting for nine+ months. I shared with her to the greatness of American pizza, chicken nuggets, and YA authors. I loaded her down with at least 8 books to take home with her when she left last week to return home! I know she, my world traveler, would love yours!

  5. Yay! I’m so excited, Hilary! Once I get back to my computer I have to email you because I remembered something. 🙂

  6. My best friend is and always has been my little sister, Kia. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  7. My best friend is and has always been my little sister, Kia. Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  8. My hubby, Nick, will always be my BFF. He has been since we were sweethearts in high school. But my BBFF (Best Book Friend Forever) is my sister-in-law, Nanci. She would definitely be the recipient of the second copy if I won.

    Good luck to all who enter! I wish we could all be Best Book Friends Forever!!

    howdymomma at yahoo dot com

  9. Time to get excited about the release. My best friend is Melody. She’d be thrilled to get a copy of Reunited. Thanks!

  10. My best friend’s name is Chris–sadly she isn’t much of a reader–However, my best reading buddy’s name is Mary and she is my awesome sister-in-law 🙂 We LOVE reading books together and chatting about them over coffee..and some Gilmore Girls, lol 🙂 Thank you for a great give-a-way!!

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