Spring Broken

Check out the guest blog I did on Book Sp(l)ot’s Spring Break Blog Spectacular 


I never did the Spring Break thing in college. At least not the kind you see in the movies. Sure, there was the time I road-tripped from San Francisco to Disneyland with my roommates sophomore year. But there were no raunchy wet T-shirt contests or indiscriminate hook-ups on our trip. And not once did a group of drunken frat guys impel us to “chug!”  To read more about my misadventures with Drunky McGee’s Spring Break Travel Company, CLICK HERE

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TV writer, screenwriter, author

One thought on “Spring Broken

  1. So funny…after the first few sentences I was thinking “But what about that Cancun deal?” Loved re-living the story. Beautifully written as always!

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