#1 Reason to Let Your Child Watch “Cake Boss”

the headlights are Smarties leftover from Halloween.

Behold, the Pea-Pod–the pea-green ’76 VW camper bus the girls in my book (REUNITED, Simon & Schuster) drive on their cross-country road-trip.  Only in birthday cake form.  According to the makers of this masterpiece (my husband and 7-year-old son) the idea came from  the younger chef.  How sweet is THAT?  He  also advised me not to eat the Lego wheels, just in case I was tempted. 😉

My son was only six when our family went through what can only be called a “Cake Boss Phase,” and at the time, I wondered if I was being a bad parent by letting him watch a show with bleeped swears.   In hindsight, it was a f%$#-ing awesome decision.  Best birthday cake ever.

My very favorite kind of birthday cake: made from Rice Krispie Treats.

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3 thoughts on “#1 Reason to Let Your Child Watch “Cake Boss”

  1. Ah, my daughter -loves- this show. And bless Netflix for having literally a thousand Cake Boss episodes.

    My daughter (7) sits there practicing her New Jersey accent (we’re in Arizona) – “Cake Bu-oss. Cake Bwoss. Cake Boo-oss.”

    She’s hilarious, and we all sit around wondering out loud how “rice cereal treats” covered in fondant now passes for cake. Love it!

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