The Coolest Teddy Bear in the Universe

Inside the caustic exterior, I’m a pretty sentimental person. Show me a video of an animal befriending and/or helping an animal of another species and I’ll weep like a newly crowned Miss America.  I’ve been known to tear up when the national anthem is played at youth sporting events, and I feel like my heart might just burst into a million tiny pieces whenever I see a baby call a slighter younger baby a baby.

So, I was similarly overwhelmed with emotion when my baby, now almost eight, went to Build-a-Bear with his grammie and came home with this.

 Behold Rex, the coolest teddy bear in the universe.  Note the aviator sunglasses, camo skin, and jeans slouched down to Lil’ Wayne proportions.  Yet, at the end of the day, Rex is still just a fuzzy, snuggly teddy bear.  Because even though my little boy aspires to be cool like Rex someday, right now he is a second grader who likes to sleep with his stuffed animals.  Bad-ass, skater-dude stuffed animals.

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