Win prizes at the YAmazing Race!

One week from today, on January 16th, the YAmazing Race will begin!  What is the YAmazing Race, you ask?  Only the coolest blog-hop ever, and the brainchild of the wonderfully clever Gina Damico, author of CROAK.

For one full week, 58 of the Apocalypsies (a group of debut 2012 young adult and middle grade authors) will post information about their soon-to-be-released novels. So, all you have to do is visit their blogs and answer some questions and you’ll be entered to win a veritable smorgasbord of book-related prizes including:  advanced reader copies, t-shirts, i-Tune gift cards and more!  Many of the authors, like me, will also be hosting additional giveaways at their own blogs.

The YAmazing Race will run for one week only. So, check back here on the 16th to get the deets.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to “meet” 2012’s newest authors as you try to win some schwag!

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