The Experience Room

The other day my friend Sue and I had the luxury of spending the afternoon at a swanky day spa, where, in addition to our individual pampering sessions (a massage for Sue, a pedicure for me) I signed us up for something called The Bali Experience—a body treatment for groups of two or more to experience together.

According to their website, The Bali Experience promised “freshly blended fruit extracts with a customized selection of oil and herbs for a highly therapeutic steam treatment, treating the mind, body & spirit.”  But what really sold me on this service was where it took place:  in the spa’s exclusive “Experience Room.”

Which lead me to wonder—what exactly is an Experience Room? And, was there a chance Jimi Hendrix might be there?

It seemed like anything was possible when Sue and I ventured in, she in her bathing suit, me (we were supposed to bring bathing suits?) in the disposable swimsuit provided by the spa.  At least the bottom half of the swimsuit.  The top didn’t fit.  And so began our Experience—giggling over disposable undies and my unintentional semi-nudity.

Inside, Sue and I were each given two little pots—one filled with fruit extract lotion, the other with dried herbs and sea salt—which we were instructed to apply to our bodies once the hot mist began.  Then the spa attendant left and we were alone in the round tiled room, sacred crystals glowing from a built-in altar, multicolored led lights twinkling overhead, as the soothing sounds of new-age panpipe music washed over us.  It was like being at the Museum of Science laser light show, only wetter and without clothes on.

And though my pervious description might make it sound cheesy, The Bali Experience was actually a delicious hour of steam and tranquility.  Also, I believe Sue and I are now legally married in the country of Bali.

But the thrill of stepping into this mysterious new world reminded me of how much I enjoy doing just that.  It’s the reason I love to travel, the reason I love trying new things and meeting new people.  It’s the reason I took so many stupid risks when I was young.

I feel so fortunate to have been able to dip my toes into so many different worlds in my lifetime and I look forward to entering all of the metaphorical Experience Rooms of my future.  And also, the actual one.

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