The Opposite of Prêt-à-Porter – Or – The Time I Almost Went To Fashion Week With A Giant Band-Aid On My Chin

In honor of today being the last day of Fashion Week in New York, I thought I’d share the story of the time I went to the runway shows.

It was the late 90’s and I was working as a producer for a nationally syndicated TV show called Wild Web (think of it as a pre-cursor to Tosh.0, minus the smut). I had just started dating the man who is now my husband, and we were still in what I will politely refer to as the amorous phase of our relationship.

If you know my husband, you know that he rocks the “stubble beard.”  And as much as I love the Don Johnson look, those wiry little hairs can wreak havoc on the face of the person making out with him, especially if you are engaging in this activity roughly 23 out of 24 hours of the day.  The resultant effect:  a chin that had been rubbed raw of its first two epidermal layers.

Maybe no one will notice, I thought as I went into the studio before flying off to New York later that day.  But having your skin shucked off by what amounts to a human cheese grater is the kind of wound that gets worse before it gets better.  The second my co-workers saw my face, their eyes grew wide with a mixture of sympathy and alarm. “Holy crap!” they all gasped. “Did you get into a fight with a belt-sander?”

Naturally, there was only one thing I could tell them.  “ I fell off my bike,” I said casually.  “But don’t worry.  I’ll be okay.”

Deciding what to wear when to New York Fashion Week is never an easy choice.  But in the end, my hardest decision was whether or not to sport a super-sized Band-Aid on my chin. Would it be considered gauche?  Or would my chin Band-Aid spark a trend—the  latest must-have accessory for the fashion-forward?

I interviewed supermodels that day, BCBG’s Max Azria, Donald Trump’s current wife.  And after I’d run through all my questions, they each had one for me.  “Biking accident,” I would nod and smile, wincing only slightly as my finger grazed my open wound.  I still don’t know if I made the right choice baring my disfigured chin at Fashion Week, but in the end I decided that having a jumbo Band-Aid on one’s face was definitely not “ready to wear.”

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