The Holy Trinity of Awesomeness – Chabon, Nichols, and Albee

Yesterday, I attended the MacDowell Colony’s Medal Day where I had the immense pleasure of hearing Michael Chabon, Mike Nichols, and Edward Albee speak.

Seeing just one of these masters would have made my day, but all three?  If I had to choose between food and water and being able to just sit under a tent and absorb the wit and intellect of these three men, it would be no contest.  And I LOVE food.

There is something so galvanizing about being in the presence of artistic genius—and not just because it’s thrilling to be so physically close to people I’ve only admired from afar.  Seeing my idols in person is a living, breathing reminder of why I do what I do in the first place and what I aspire to become.  It renews my enthusiasm for my own work and it sets my sails straight.

Because of their greatness, I will be better.  Maybe not in this blog post, but hopefully sometime today, ideally between the hours of 9:00 and 1:00.

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