Thank You Thursday: Week Two of giving thanks to artists who inspire me and bring me joy.

Song of the Week:  “Everyone Deserves Music” by Michael Franti 

The title says it all.  And if you haven’t seen Michael Franti in concert, he gives one helluva show.

YA Author of the Week:  Kody Keplinger

I had the pleasure of scoring an ARC of SHUT OUT at BEA in May.  Oh, and did I mention it’s signed by the amazing Kody herself?  Keplinger is smart, funny, and talented beyond her years.   Not only will SHUT OUT be a huge hit, I think it just might help an entire generation of teenage girls learn to speak more honestly about sex.

TV Show of the Week:  BREAKING BAD

Finally, it’s back!  This is as close as TV gets to Greek tragedy.  Aaron Paul & Bryan Cranston make me so invested in their characters I get anxious just thinking about them.  Who knew a show about crystal meth could be so beguiling?

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