Sometimes, I think all I really want in the world is someone who gets my references.

This amazing caption appeared in my local newspaper last summer and it’s been on my fridge ever since. There should be a word for the mixture of joy, nostalgia, and fraternity one feels upon discovering a well-placed pop culture reference.

To me, this mention of BACK TO THE FUTURE provides so much more than a bit of humor.  It’s an affirmation of my tastes and choices, a secret handshake between me and everyone else in the world who uses the term Flux Capacitor on a regular basis.

To me, pop culture has always been about connecting with people.  Which is probably why I find it hard to understand people who choose to remove themselves from it entirely.  Yes, the popular culture can seem foreign (and possibly frightening) if you are outside of it, or if you’re over a certain age.  But you don’t walk into a foreign country with a stubborn refusal to speak the language.  You learn a few words so you can communicate.  And you may be surprised to discover that what you once thought was weird or unappealing about that culture is actually quite amazing.

Yes, it might look like a shoe, but is feels like a sneaker.





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One thought on “Sometimes, I think all I really want in the world is someone who gets my references.

  1. What I love the most are the pop culture references that survive from generation to generation. I couldn’t wait until my kids were old enough to share MP’s Holy Grail with them, and when I was looking for it way back when on VHS, every clerk I asked had to recite, in perfectly imperfect English, their favorite line. Classic stuff!

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