Today, I am starting a weekly tradition of giving thanks to some of the artists I love most.  Thank you all, for being in the world.

Musician of the Week:  Rufus Wainwright. His music’s so genius I almost can’t handle it.  If you haven’t listened to POSES or RELEASE THE STARS, you need to go fix that.

Author of the Week:  Jennifer Egan.  I was soooo happy that A VISIT FROM THE GOON SQUAD won the Pulitzer.  I mean, I LOVED Franzen’s FREEDOM as much as the next guy, but when it was getting all that hype last summer I kept wondering why more people weren’t talking about GOON SQUAD.  And then, suddenly, they were.  😉  I love all of Egan’s books, but THE KEEP is  one of my favs.

Comedian of the Week:  Louie C.K.  Why Louie’s show — LOUIE — isn’t as big as SEINFELD I’ll never know.  Actually, if we lived in a fair and just world it would be even bigger.   I can watch episodes of LOUIE over and over again.  And if you can’t see his brilliance, I suggest that you “look with your REAL EYES, not your crazy eyes.”


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One thought on “THANK YOU THURSDAY

  1. I love Louie C.K. I’ve been scouring the web trying to find where I can watch the second season online. I watched the whole first season on Hulu but they’re not posting the second season. Do you know?

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