(Don’t) Write Every Day

Whenever I stumble upon an article on “How to be a Writer,” it seems like the one nugget of advice that inevitably pops up  is it that to be a “real” writer you must (lots of bold & underlining here)  WRITE EVERY DAY.  EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Which always seems so Fascist to me.  Call me crazy, but I think writing should be pleasant, not some self-sacrificing discipline like that dude who whipped his own back in THE DIVINCI CODE.  Sure, there are hard days.  And yes, it takes discipline.   But like any discipline, you need to give yourself a break sometimes.  Take a day off.  Or even a week off.   Living life informs our writing.  So, even when I’m “taking a break” I think that counts as writing, too. 😉

Published by hilarywgraham

TV writer, screenwriter, author

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