I Fear the Cloud

I like stuff.  As in actual things you can touch.  So this whole cloud concept makes me pretty nervous.  The idea being that all of our writing, photos, videos, etc., will exist ONLY in the cloud.  What if the cloud has technical issues?  What if someone hacks the cloud?  Call me crazy, but unless I have saved a piece of writing to at least one flash drive (in addition to my hard drive) I get edgy.  Full disclosure:  Before I go on vacation, I copy all of my recent writing to CD and put it in the fireproof lockbox in my basement.  Paranoid?  Maybe a bit.  But when it comes to preserving my digital archives (my son’s baby pix! my latest screenplay!) I only trust things I can actually hold in my hand.  I’m sure someday soon there’ll be a reality show about  people like me:  DIGITAL HOARDERS.

Published by hilarywgraham

TV writer, screenwriter, author

One thought on “I Fear the Cloud

  1. Just found your blog, Hilary; nice to see you here in the cloud! I am a fellow digital hoarder, and am just overwhelmed with my archives. I even have multiple hard copy printouts of my novel. From six years. ack!

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