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"The Legend of Donkey Tail Willie", made on "On The Lot" 2007. RT: 2:25

An unusual tale of love.

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"Under The Gun", made on "On The Lot", 2007. RT: 2:04

Not your typical mother-daughter trip to the sperm bank.

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"The First Time I Met the Finkelsteins", submission for "On The Lot", 2007. RT: 2:57

Meeting the soon-to-be in-laws was never more uncomfortable.

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"Random Acts of Kindness",
made on "On The Lot" with Carolina Zorilla de San Martin and Brent McCorkle, 2007. RT: 2:24

Pamela tries to help the homeless. Maybe she should have just stayed home.

"The Staring Contest", Jan. 2007
RT: 2:30

Hilary’s first submission film made for “On the Lot”.


"Bus #1 ", 2007, submission film made for "On The Lot". RT: 2:30

When you gotta go, you gotta go.


"Sex Without Love: A Poetry Film with Sharon Olds", 1997. RT: 2:30

A film of Sharon Olds wonderful poem “Sex Without Love”

“Life’s Too Good, 1993. RT: 1:40 Linda’s parents are in town for their granddaughter’s graduation when Linda gets a call from her mother in the middle of the night. This feature film Hilary wrote, directed, and produced when she was only 23 years old (1993).  


More about
"Life's Too Good":
“Weisman [Graham] has a good feel for how family members talk—and often don’t listen—to each other.  A knowing take on family relationships.”  --Daniel Kimmel, Variety, July 1994. “Weisman [Graham] emerges from semi-obscurity as a serious force in women’s filmmaking.” –Linda Matchan, The Boston Globe, 1/30/94. “The generation gap is alive and well in this drama which focuses on the relationships within a family.”  -- Sandra Brennan, New York Times, Sept. 1994.
“While Hollywood flounders around trying to catch the pulse beat of the yet-to-be-adequately-labeled 20-something generation, independent filmmaker Hilary Weisman [Graham] quietly gets the job done for $60,000 in her debut feature, “Life’s Too Good”.  Bolstered by a shrewd and witty script, a confident, no-frills style, and some disarming performances, it’s an auspicious beginning for a fresh new talent.”  -- Peter Keough, The Boston Phoenix, June 1994. “Life’s Too Good” is a smarty-written and sweetly directed first feature film directed by a precocious Hilary Weisman [Graham], age 24.”  Chicago Reader, Oct. 1994

Boston Magazine’s “The Face of ’94—80 People Who Made Us Proud, jealous, and Mad as Hell:  Hilary Weisman [Graham]:  Precocious Filmmaker”

““Life’s Too Good” is a charming film by a precocious s 23 year-old. Hilary Weisman [Graham] writes fine dialogue, she has an ease with direction and a mature eye for casting.”  --Gerarld Peary, The Improper Bostonian, July 1994. “The film showcases Weisman [Graham’s] knack or sharp dialogue and sardonic humor, which transcended the bare bones production values. -- Campus Calendar, March 1999.
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